The Wizard walk is a whole magical experience enabled by the fun nature of volunteers.

From Snerch the Snot Troll, to Whizzy the Wizard to, organisers on the Dare your Daddy games.

We need your help to make the event an awesome fun experience for everyone involved!

We are in need of qualified first aiders.

The more walkers we have the more we need.

Please get in touch if you can help with this for any of our active events. 

Events with large numbers require some organising.

The safety and enjoyment of our participants in very important to us.

Our marshals are tasked to ensure that events run smoothly according to plan by being visible, directing, and assisting people.

We are fundraising!

We have buckets. They need shaking in front of people.

Can you shake a bucket? Come and shake one for us!



We want to hear from you!


Alderley Edge Wizard Walk 2016 is the inaugural walk by the National Wizard Council.

Run by the Order of Alderley, overseen by its Chairwizard, and attended by Chief Warlock of the National Council.

We want to see the National Council grow so that towns and cities have their own Orders.

We are seeking Chairwizards who would like to have fun running their own local Order. 

We ask that you donate a minimum of 50% of funds raised directly from the event to Maxipotential (or Global Institute for Scoliosis charity).

Participating wizards are more than welcome to use the event to fundraise for any other cause close to their heart through gaining personal sponship for their efforts. 

Please get in touch if you would like to re-create the fun in your own local community.

As a local Order of the National Wizard Council you will have our full support in getting started and creating your first successful Wizard Walk event.

We will help you with:

  • Website
  • Payment and tracking systems
  • Theming the event
  • Promoting the event
  • Best practice to run a smooth event