Location & Timings

We will be congregating at Alderley Edge Community Primary School Field, Car Park Entrance, Eaton Drive, SK9 7RA

  • Wizards are summoned to assemble from 10am onwards.
  • Allow enough time to collect your walker pack and transform into your wizardry greatness.
  • Wizards are invited to come dressed in their own refinery for our best-dressed competition.
  • Quentin Jiggery Couture tailors will size your cloak
  • Visit Dye Smudge’s face painting station to complete your wizard majesticness!  

We expect the Grand Wizard Assembly will be a frenetic occasion!!!

Please arrive as early as possible to allow for parking, checking in and changing.

Check-in & Pack Pick-Up

  • Wizards can check-in from 10am.
  • Check-in and pack pick up zones will be clearly identified.
  • Present your ticket in exchange for your wizard pack.

Transport & Parking

  • Alderley Edge village is located on the A34, Congleton Road, with easy access from the M56 and M60.
  • Its train station is about 0.4 mile walk to the Wizard Walk start point.
  • Parking is limited in the village but surrounding roads are available.
  • Please walk or fly on a broom if this is an option to you. 


  • The Grand Wizard Assembly will commence the Wizard Walk at precisely 11am.
  • Chief Scourcer of the National Wizard Council will be leading the walk in full regalia on his beautiful white stead.
  • All registered wizards will be issued a map containing challenges to complete on the route.
  • Piece together the spell you must chant at the Wizard Council Gathering for a magical surprise. 
  • Catch Whizzy the Wizard for a selfie
  • Can you get past the Bridge Trolls?! 

Walk Info

  • The full walk is approximately 0.75 miles.
  • We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the route is widely accessible – even having a new kissing gate installed!
  • There is a large section with a grassed/mud path then it crosses fields which may be soft under wheels if it rains, but this can be circumvented by an alternate route if necessary.
  • We shall use our collective power of sorcery to summon great weather for the week before!
  • Wheelchairs and buggy’s with a middle terrain wheel will breeze through, small castors will not.

Location and Timings

The walk starts and finishes at Alderley Edge Community Primary School field. Entrance is via Eaton Drive car park SK9 7RA

Awarding of Wands

  • You will be awarded your wizard wand upon crossing the finish line. 
  • Once you have your wand you can complete your official naming ceremony to join the official Order of Alderley Wizard Register. 

Wizard Naming Ceremony

  • Officially join the ‘Order of Alderley’ register
  • Choose your official wizard name
  • Gain access to Wizard Walks online membership for wizard mastery

Meet Merlin

  • A special appearance by Merlin
  • He’ll ask you what you want to use your magic powers to create
  • Every visitor receives a lucky dip magic trick

Quidditch League

  • Win the Alderley league trophy, engraved with your team, and keep it until next year! 
  • Teams of ten are convoked to ascend at the Wizard Council Gathering
  • Enrol your team online when you register for the Wizard Walk. 

Dare your Daddy

  • ‘Dare your Daddy’ (or anyone!) to daft and crazy challenges. 
  • Take part in the ‘Potion Off’ – dad against dad potion drinking!
  • Tug of war, archery, welly throwing, drone flying and more…..

Competitions & Announcements:

  • Author of the Wizard Walk 2017 spell.
  • Quidditch League.
  • Best-dressed wizard for our more creative council members.
  • Name the Teddy winner.
  • Raffle or auctions.


We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the route is widely accessible. Wizard Max will be heading out in his wheelchair with an all terrain front wheel.

Wheelchairs and buggy’s with a front terrain wheel will breeze through, small castors will not. And it does cross a field so we shall use our collective power of sorcery to summon great weather for the week before!

This fully detailed map with activities will be provided in Wizard walker packs. Marshals will be directing on route.

Wizard Walk Activity Map

Wizard Walk 2017 is approximately 0.75 miles

  • Turn left out of the school grounds on to Eaton Drive
  • At the end of Eaton Drive turn left onto Ryleys Lane and continue to the road crossing
  • Cross Ryleys Lane using the crossing and enter Alderley park
  • Follow the park path to the bandstand
  • This is spell station one
  • Continue out of the park using the same path to the left of the bandstand
  • Follow this path out of the park onto a stone path running between the rail line and allotments
  • At the end of this path turn left over Chorley Hall lane bridge
  • After the bridge turn second right onto Lydiat Lane
  • At the end of Lydiat Lane there is a cut through to a trial path straight ahead 
  • As  you leave tarmac behind and enter the trail path, follow it off to the right
  • This leads you over our second bridge and then a public kissing gate
  • On passing through the gate you will walk directly ahead through two fields
  • On reaching the hedge row, turn right and follow that hedge row with it on your right, out of the field to Green Lane
  • Turn right on to Green Lane and verge left when you meet the fork in the road
  • At the end of Green Lane cross over Chorley Hall Lane to the large expanse of grass verge
  • Pass the Windermere Road sign with it to your right to the grass area
  • This is spell station two
  • About face and head back past the Windermere Road sign onto Chorley Hall Lane
  • Continue to the end of Chorley Hall Lane, over the rial bridge until reaching the main high street and turn left
  • Walk the full length of the high street, past Waitrose, and over the railway bridge
  • Take a left turn immediately after the bridge, opposite Piccolino’s, onto Ryleys Lane 
  • Use the crossing to cross the road and continue down Ryles lane on the right-hand footpath
  • Take the first right turn onto Eaton Drive
  • Take the second right turn into Alderley Edge Community School grounds 
  • Continue until you see the playing fields on the left-hand side where the Wizard Council Gathering will take place

Address: Alderley Edge Community Primary school field. Eaton Drive, Alderley Edge. SK9 7RA


Each registered walker will receive a walkers bag containing:

  • Hat and cape.
  • Route map with activities, and a pencil.
  • Bottles of water will be provided pre-walk.
  • Ceremonial wands will be awarded on completion of the walk.
  • Packs can only be collected on the day.
  • Packs are available for collection from 10am.
  • Check-in and pack pick up zones will be clearly identified.
  • Present your ticket in exchange for your pack.
  • If you don’t have an online ticket you can grab a pack at any time providing all pre-allocated ones have been issued; just go to the non-registered Check-in.

Please purchase your ticket online, before the event if possible.

Online ticket purchase provides us ID to use as evidence of your participation in the Guinness World Record attempt. 

It also allocates a wizard costume and other goodies.

Wizards are invited to join us on the day but we cannot promise to have packs available or to be able to include in the Guinness World Record attempt.

Families with 3rd & 4th child free will be able to purchase wizards costumes at the event if needed.