Maxipotential is raising funds to help Max Bailey get to America to receive life-saving therapies not available in the UK.

The Wizard Walk is one of the events intended as annual to guarantee Max continues this crucial treatment.

You can simply have a fun day out knowing that you have supported a great cause.

Please take a moment to read why your support is so critical…..

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Max’s scoliosis requires surgery before his curve impacts his internal organs and becomes life threatening. It means inserting metal rods along the length of his spine. It’s nasty, invasive surgery leaving a scar the full length of his back. He will require repeated surgeries every 3 to 6 months to lengthen the rods through his growth spurt from age 8 until12 and beyond. Ultimately he’ll likely require his spine fused solid and be left with life-long disability and pain management.

There’s no cure or management in the UK – just observation until surgery is required. I know from my last few years of research that there are routes to a better outcome. Dedicated, multi-disciplinary scoliosis centres addressing physical, neurological and genetic influences. Max has started intensive therapy that has reduced his curve by around 50%. With that knowledge, irreversible surgery with life-long problems is simply not an option.

Mum took Max to America January16th for 3 weeks. Max had immediate results and continues to improve – meaning he doesn’t need have the barbaric surgery we do here in the UK. You can follow his story to date on his Facebook page ‘Maxipotential’. I invite you to follow. It’s amazing, fascinating and lovely to see his progress. Ultimately, I hope it will help a lot more people as I transition Max’s fund into a charity to spearhead innovation in the UK.

£50k secures travel, accommodation and his intensive therapy clinics out there, £7,500 for replacement 3D braces, approx £4,500 for an adapted wheelchair, and approx £5,500 for car adaptations. He will then require daily visits to attend his exercises, costing around £30,000. If he requires less-invasive keyhole surgery available in America we will raise more.

Maxipotential is not a registered charity. All funds raised go directly to Max’s immediate and ongoing needs. Maxipotential is however spearheading a global charity in the future to help many more children in the UK and globally.

Read more about Max’s story at

Max’s mum, Saz started fundraising on December 14th 2015, raising £35,000 in 30 days.

It is down to this initial kindness and generosity of Max’s supporters that he was able to go to America to start his life changing treatment. He had outstanding results which must continue. I am now organising events that give back to our awesome community with the first being the Wizard Walk.

In order to ensure Max continues his journey, and to raise awareness of this cruel disease and it’s management here in the UK,

Maxipotential is about just that – Maxi potential, but not just our little Maxi, we want everyone that we touch to benefit from the experiencing the events we put on. Maxipotential intend a number of annual events which, regardless of the need to fundraise – are just flippin’ good fun to be a part of! 

You can simply have a fun day out knowing that you are supporting a great cause.

Our key annual events are:

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See all our events and team challenges at:

How else can I support Max?

Every little thing you do honestly does help from liking and sharing on social media to joining a Wizard Walk to staging your local one! You can join in a challenge event or fundraise with your own ideas. You can view and get involved at or via the events tab on our Maxipotential Facebook page

We would be elated to have you as an official sponsor or ‘friend’ listed on our website. Please get in touch on the details below.

4 Reasons to download the Maxipotential app:

  1. Get behind a local cause – your attention, kindness and charity helps Max Bailey directly
  2. Support Max the lazy way – follow, join events, fundraise, buy online, right in your hand
  3. Keep track of Max’s progress – occasional blog posts and social media, all in one place
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Maxipotential is not a registered charity. It is an organisation set up by Saz Bailey to raise funds for her son Max Bailey. All funds raised through the Wizard Walk currently go directly to Max’s critical immediate and ongoing needs.

Maxipotential is however spearheading a global charity in the future to help many more children in the UK and globally.

Why a new scoliosis charity?

Around 1 in 35 people suffer from scoliosis. You are likely to know someone who has it. It’s a remarkably common but little talked about disease.

Scoliosis is a cruel, progressive disease with no cure. Considering it’s reach and impact on society there is very little awareness with research disturbingly underfunded. There are currently no registered clinical trails. That means there is no route to improve the outcome for huge numbers of sufferers. In my experience, it is dismissed as an insurmountable problem with all routes leading to a horrendous surgery. Few are interested in the challenge of taking it on.

Around 8 in 10 cases are diagnosed as idiopathic which simply means the cause is unknown – a situation I find shocking. Its progression cannot usually be prevented (by standard treatments available in the UK). It’s not a condition that occurs through carrying a heavy bag or excessive exercise. It is a condition with route cause – in most cases unidentified.

A large and very passionate community are left to trial and error, sharing experiences amongst themselves. This can lead to some fabulous outcomes and also a lot of confusion and miss-direction. What works for one group may not for another.  People can be left devastated having invested time, emotion and money into a treatment protocol that doesn’t work for them.

Existing research organisations are clinician led. Although no surgeon wants to put a child through surgery, this is their professional solution. As a parent, all routes of exploration ultimately lead to a surgeon and surgery.

Here in the UK, scoliosis sufferers wanting to try conservative and non-invasive methods of managing their condition are not supported. GP’s and consultants and even Scoliosis Association UK will only officially advise on evidence-based treatments as they are restricted by the NHS Information Standard.  I believe this hinders research and innovation.

Our vision for a new charity:

To align and facilitate the world’s thought leaders in achieving a holistic, preventative and conservative approach to the treatment and management of scoliosis.

We aim to create research, innovation and practice that is:

  • Patient-led
  • Independent
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Integrated
  • Holistic
  • Transparent

Scoliosis is a progressive disease with no cure affecting approx 1 in 35 people. Left unchecked it can result in life-long surgeries, disability and pain management. In aggressive cases it can become life threatening. Quick, simple screening can save young people from this. Let’s bring it back.

Click below to sign the petition:

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