Raising Awareness

In 2016 we created a Guiness World Record for Largest Gathering of Wizards at 252! If you participated you can get your very own certificate by following the instructions lower on this page.

This year we are shooting for 500 wizards just for the fun of it!

The whole Wizard Walk event from beginning to end is about fundraising for Maxipotential to continue Max Bailey’s life-transforming treatment in America. I we can recruit 500 wizards we will raise approx £5,000.

It’s also about raising as much awareness as we can about scoliosis – the cruel condition that Max is suffering from.

We thought it would be a really fun way to bring a large amount of people together to help us fundraise as much as possible. 

We really need your help in getting as many wizards as possible to the event so please invite all your friends and family to join us for a whole load of wizardly mayhem!

Alderley Edge is steeped in folklore and legend.

The National Trust now maintain The Edge, believed to be a sacred site for thousands of years where there are mysterious points of interest. King Arthur and his men are said to sleep somewhere beneath the sandstone cliffs, and the area is associated with the wizard Merlin. Allegedly a witches coven used to meet there every Halloween to perform strange rituals and dance about naked!

The Edge and the country south of it was the inspiration and setting for Alan Garner‘s novels The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath

The Wizard restaurant nestles up there with Wizards Wood close by. Then there is also Wizards Thatch hotel and The Merlin. 

In the villages around Alderley Edge they still tell the old stories of the White Wizard and the white mare:

According to the story, a farmer from Mobberley was on his way to Macclesfield market to sell a white mare. The horse was the finest of his stock, he was sure he could get a good price.

On the way to market….

As he reached Alderley Edge the horse stopped and refused to move, no matter what the farmer did. He saw an old man of noble  stature standing by the side of the road, holding a staff in his hand.

The man offered to buy the horse for a fair price.  Thinking he would get a better price at market for such a fine horse, the farmer refused.

The old man predicted that though the horse would be admired at the market, the farmer would not be able to sell it, and promised to wait for the farmer’s return.

Returning home…

Once at the bustling market it seemed as though he had been bewitched. True enough, the horse was admired, but remained unsold while other lesser horses went for a good price.

Dejected, the farmer returned home with his horse and as he passed Alderley Edge the same old man appeared. He asked if he could buy the horse and this time the farmer agreed.

Down inside the earth…

The old man touched the nearby rocks with his staff. They parted with a thunderous sound to reveal a huge cavern fronted with iron gates. Reassuring him not to be afraid, the old man led the farmer through the gates and down inside the earth.

The farmer could not believe his eyes, for inside the cavern 140 knights in silver armour lay in an enchanted sleep on the ground, and beside all but one of them was a white horse.

The last battle of the world…

The old man said that the knights would sleep on until the country was in its hour of greatest need and that he was to wake them when that moment came. The farmers horse was the last needed for the sleeping army of knights.

The lost cave…

The wizard led on to a pile of gold and jewels and told the farmer to take his fill as payment for his mare. The farmer did so and staggered out into the daylight as the rock closed with a dull thud behind him.

Since that day, no-one has found the entrance again.

The whole event is designed around little Max.

Max’s medical condition – scoliosis – makes it difficult for him to walk but he always likes to join in the fun in his own way.

He is a wheelchair user with the aid of a carer to push. He has learning difficulties that dictate what he is capable of doing alone.

A 0.75 mile stroll around an accessible walk route is the perfect scenario for this little wizard!

2016 Event Guinness World Record Certificates

We are fantastically excited to award certificates to schools, groups, and organisations that have a name (to award to) and registered 25 or more wizards!

Guinness World Record Certificate of Participation

This is how to claim your certificate:

  1. Collate and send us the names and registration numbers of the people who participated from your group.
  2. Let us know the name of the school, group or organisation.
  3. We will magic an official framed Guinness World Record Certificate of Participation to you to hang on your wall!

Any individual wizard who participated our successful 2016 Guiness World Record can purchase their own certificate from the Guinness World Record website. 

Once Guinness World Records have officiated the record we shall send you your official participants ID and verification code along with the web page to purchase your certificate from.